Assignment of the Right to Extend

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This can primarily be used during the process of selling a leasehold property, and in effect allows the current vendor to 'assign the right' to a new buyer to extend the existing lease via the statutory process, without having to wait the obligatory 2 years of ownership prior to extending a lease.

Want to know what your property is worth before and after a lease extension? We can help, our property partners offer free advice on the value of your home without obligation.

Calculate your lease extension

Use our handy online lease extension calculator to get an idea of what it may cost to extend your lease. This is only as a guide, for an accurate quote please contact one of our lease extension experts for free advice on what is best for you. 

If you are unsure what any of the terms and phrases used in the calculation mean, please head over to our FAQ's which should answer any questions you have.  

* Calculations are based on average property prices. Prime Central London Property prices are subject to a variance of up to 25% on top of this calculation.

* Calculations are intended as a guide only and may vary, please contact one of our lease extension experts for more information and a formal quotation.

Freeholder's lost ground rent -
Reversionary interest -
Marriage value -

Lease Premium Cost -

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