Why you should extend your lease?

The longer you wait to extend your lease, the more you will have to pay the freeholder!



• Extend your lease & increase your property’s value!

• As the length of your lease reduces, it affects the value and saleability of your property.

• This effect increases considerably the shorter the lease becomes. 

• When the lease falls below 80 years, the cost of extending increases significantly.

• If the lease falls below 80 years, most mortgage lenders will not lend.

• By law you are automatically entitled to extend your lease by an additional 90 years.

• Extend your lease using the statutory right and pay no further ground rent.

• Most mortgage providers will help you finance the cost, as it increases the value of the property, our sister company Start Financial Services can help to arrange this.

• A simple all-inclusive price to cover all of your legal and surveying costs £1,999 +VAT.

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Start Lease Extensions work closely with two of the leading companies involved in providing lease extensions in the South East area – MAP Chartered Surveyors and Judge & Priestley LLP solicitors. Start Lease Extensions has been created to offer a simple fixed fee all–inclusive package that will cover all of your legal and surveying work and costs necessary to deliver your lease extension.



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